Gel Chemistry & Gel Nail Basics Course

Gel Chemistry & Gel Nail Basics Course

2 Seasons

Advanced DIY Education Course for Pro-Only Product Access
Take your nail care to the next level with access to professional grade and safe products.  Our step-by-step course will debunk everything you may already know about gel nails, teach you the how and the why behind gel chemistry and formulas, and instruct you how to achieve salon quality results at home manicure after manicure.  

Whether your a working nail technician, a beauty school student, or an inspired enthusiast, this course will improve your knowledge and your skillset.

-Learn at your own pace.  Your access never expires!
-Get a free copy of our digital course book for supplemental written information.
-Enjoy access to our student kit that gives you everything you need to get started (pre-requisite lessons required before application training).
-Pass your final exam and receive proof of training via certificate.
-Access professional grade products right here on THENAILHUB.COM for future enjoyment.
-Be able to use HEMA free, cruelty-free, vegan, and safe formulas for your nail care.
-Open to all nail lovers!

*all photos are from real students
**kit is sold separately

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Gel Chemistry & Gel Nail Basics Course