Gel Nail Fundamentals 2.0

Gel Nail Fundamentals 2.0

8 Episodes

These videos have been used by beauty schools, DIYers, students, pro nail techs, and more to supplement their education and learn the true fundamentals behind gel nail care and chemistry. With over 12 MILLION views and 1.6 MILLION hours of watch time, it's easy to see that this education is a game changer for nail lovers all over the world. Check out our original playlist we started years ago, and delve into our new 2.0 education that has been formalized and refined for an even better educational experience.

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Gel Nail Fundamentals 2.0
  • Nail Anatomy

    Episode 1

  • Nailments

    Episode 2

  • Gel Nail Cleanser

    Episode 3

    Gel nail cleanser is a crucial component in a gel manicure, serving multiple purposes to ensure a flawless finish. Firstly, it is used to remove any residue, bacteria, or oils from the nails, creating a clean and dry surface for the gel to adhere to. Additionally, it helps to remove the tacky lay...

  • Basic Tools

    Episode 4

    Let's break down the essential tools and truly what they are used for. We'll go deeper into this as we use these tools in practical application videos, but for now I wanted to provide a high level review of all the common implements you'll come across.

  • Nail Brushes

    Episode 5

    Dive into the world of gel nail art and applications with this comprehensive guide on gel nail brushes. Learn how to choose the right brush for your designs, how to maintain you equipment, and how to even fix damaged brushes. Whether you're a seasoned nail artist or just starting, this video has ...

  • Electric Files

    Episode 6

    Recommended E-Files for Beginners:
    ATTAIN Cosmetics Portable E-File
    Medicool Turbo File II E-File

    Recommended E-Files for Advanced Users and PROs:

    Repair Center:
    Drill Repairs
    218 Heatherwood Rd
    Havertown, PA 19083
    Tel: (215) 687-0800

  • Nail Bits

    Episode 7

    Unlock the world of nail care with this high-level overview of nail bits and e-filing.

  • UV Light & Lamps

    Episode 8