The Nail Audit

The Nail Audit

12 Episodes

Specific answers to your specific questions about all things gel nails. The Nail Audit is a curated library of lessons made to address user generated troubleshooting issues. Submit your Nail Audit Request and learn from others’ all within the same series!

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The Nail Audit
  • Crooked and Twisted Nails

    Episode 12

    Our lovely member Tracy inquired about how to fix twisting and crooked nails so let's dig into how to address this!

  • Pitting Top Coat

    Episode 11

    Thank you Celeste for submitting this request! Pitting and puckering in gel can be extremely disruptive to a service and can make us desperate to find the cause. Let's go over pitting in gel and how we can prevent it.

  • Filing Techniques

    Episode 10

    A big thank you goes out to Alex who submitted this Nail Audit request all about filing. Today I'm going to show you how to improve your filing and make the process faster by implementing some strategy and consistency.

  • Nail Soreness: Wound or Allergy?

    Episode 9

    Thank you Jessica for bringing up a great topic about how to discern between an injury and an allergy. Wounds and injuries are pretty common and it's great to know how to handle them as when you should become more concerned.

  • E-File Manicuring & Clean Application

    Episode 8

    Erin's submission is a wonderful topic! Let's discuss how to get super clean results while maintaining the health of the skin and the nail, as well as how to know when enough is enough with nail prep.

  • Is Acetone Dangerous?

    Episode 7

    Today's question comes from Nella who is asking about information she's heard regarding the dangers of acetone. Let's dig in!

  • Laying Gel on Long Nails

    Episode 6

    Thank you Sherita for this wonderful question! I hope this video helps you with your application. Today we review how to get a nice apex and a smooth upper structure when laying product on longer lengths.

  • Cracking Corners & Free Edge Lifting

    Episode 5

    When product cracks and peels it can be super frustrating and confusing. A big thank you to Kora for this video topic request. Today we cover why product can chip and lift on the free edge and how to help prevent it.

  • Apex Placement

    Episode 1

    Thank you Martha M. for this awesome Nail Audit request. Today we discuss apex placement on natural and artificial nails.

  • Ski Jump Nails

    Episode 2

    A big shout out to Angie M. for this great Nail audit request. Today we discuss working on ski jump nails and how to work with product to correct natural nails when they curve or twist.

  • Cracking & Shattering

    Episode 3

    Discover the secret behind durable and long-lasting gel nails! In this video, we explore the flexibility of gel nail products, and how this unique characteristic helps your manicure withstand daily wear and tear. Learn why flexibility is key to a beautiful and resilient nail finish. Watch now to ...

  • Super Short Nail Extensions

    Episode 4

    Thank you Rona for this wonderful request. I hope this video helps you out! Today we discuss how to achieve super short nail extensions for clients wanting the look and feel of artificial nails, without any real length.