• Nail Allergies: Your Lamp Makes a Difference

    Unlock the secret to safe and stunning nails! Discover how understanding the curing process of gel nail products can revolutionize your nail care routine. Join us to learn more!

  • Nail Allergies: The Importance of Formula

    In this video, we explore the importance of being vigilant about the ingredients in your nail products. From potential health risks to environmental impact, understanding what goes into your nail care products can make a significant difference. Join us to learn why ingredient awareness is key to ...

  • Cracking Corners & Free Edge Lifting

    When product cracks and peels it can be super frustrating and confusing. A big thank you to Kora for this video topic request. Today we cover why product can chip and lift on the free edge and how to help prevent it.

  • Nail Bits

    Unlock the world of nail care with this high-level overview of nail bits and e-filing.

  • Live Classes & Replays

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  • Bi-Weekly Maintenance: Dominant Hand

    I love sharing tips and tricks I use to make a good manicure into a great manicure, especially when struggling to work on your dominant hand. Whether you're a novice or a pro, it's always a challenge to do this.

  • Apex Placement

    Thank you Martha M. for this awesome Nail Audit request. Today we discuss apex placement on natural and artificial nails.

  • Ski Jump Nails

    A big shout out to Angie M. for this great Nail audit request. Today we discuss working on ski jump nails and how to work with product to correct natural nails when they curve or twist.

  • Basic Tools

    Let's break down the essential tools and truly what they are used for. We'll go deeper into this as we use these tools in practical application videos, but for now I wanted to provide a high level review of all the common implements you'll come across.

  • Nail Brushes

    Dive into the world of gel nail art and applications with this comprehensive guide on gel nail brushes. Learn how to choose the right brush for your designs, how to maintain you equipment, and how to even fix damaged brushes. Whether you're a seasoned nail artist or just starting, this video has ...

  • Cracking & Shattering

    Discover the secret behind durable and long-lasting gel nails! In this video, we explore the flexibility of gel nail products, and how this unique characteristic helps your manicure withstand daily wear and tear. Learn why flexibility is key to a beautiful and resilient nail finish. Watch now to ...

  • Electric Files

    Recommended E-Files for Beginners:
    ATTAIN Cosmetics Portable E-File
    Medicool Turbo File II E-File

    Recommended E-Files for Advanced Users and PROs:

    Repair Center:
    Drill Repairs
    218 Heatherwood Rd
    Havertown, PA 19083
    Tel: (215) 687-0800

  • Super Short Nail Extensions

    Thank you Rona for this wonderful request. I hope this video helps you out! Today we discuss how to achieve super short nail extensions for clients wanting the look and feel of artificial nails, without any real length.