Liz’s Weekly Words

Liz’s Weekly Words

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Liz’s Weekly Words
  • 2024-04-29 Newsletter

    Hi friend,

    Can you believe it? April's wrapping up, and so is our month of Fear Less, Do More. As we reflect on our journey, let's delve deeper into boosting our self-esteem, a crucial aspect often intertwined with our fears and perceptions of ourselves. There are two powerful ways to boost our ...

  • 2024-04-15 Newsletter

    Hi friend,

    How's that elevator pitch coming along? Last week we were talking about developing an elevator pitch so you're ready to promote yourself to others! If you haven't had much time for it yet, I suggest chipping away at it a bit each day. Even if you think you'll never use it, saying thos...

  • 2024-04-08 Newsletter

    Hi friend,

    Can you believe it's already the second week of April? I hope you are continuing well-deserved self-care during our "This Is My Year" journey. I know I've been soaking it up!

    As we continue our learning this week, let's delve into two of the biggest fears: Fear of Failure and Fear of...

  • 2024-04-01 Newsletter

    Hi friend,

    I hope you're doing great! Spring has officially arrived here in Arizona, but I realize it might be a different story where you are—it could very well be autumn! Regardless of the season, it's April, and we're diving into a topic that binds us all together: FEAR. Together, let's figur...

  • 2024-03-25 Newsletter

    Dear friend,

    Continuing our exploration of "This I Believe," we close out March by diving into the significance of personal values. Cultivating success in both your personal and professional lives relies on understanding what you hold nearest and dearest: your personal values. These values serv...

  • 2024-03-18 Newsletter

    Dear friend,

    I want you to imagine this scenario:

    A friend comes to you and tells you they need to talk. They have messed up, feel dumb, and can’t forgive themselves. They are sure everyone hates them and thinks they are terrible.

    Knowing our industry, and how we like to be of service to othe...

  • 2024-03-11 Newsletter

    Dear friend,

    Remember when we talked about limiting beliefs last week? It's fascinating, isn't it? I bet you've started noticing some of your own, and how they sneakily affect your daily life. It's like there's a whole other world of thoughts operating beneath the surface of our minds, steering ...

  • 2024-03-04 Newsletter

    Hello friend,

    I'm certainly having a blast writing to you! With more of "THIS IS MY YEAR" ahead of us, I'm excited for what the future holds.

    It feels like we're really starting to connect, so I think it's time to dig a little deeper into how we can achieve more success together.

    One topic I w...

  • 2024-02-26 Newsletter

    Dear friend,

    Can you believe it?! We've made it to the end of February and are wrapping up our month of journaling. We're taking 2024 by storm!

    Throughout these past weeks, we've delved into gratitude, joy, and what we're proud of. Now, as we close out the month, we're diving into another cruci...

  • 2024-02-19 Newsletter

    Dear friend,

    I hope last week treated you well, and that you've been reaping the rewards of gratitude journaling. It's amazing how simply acknowledging our blessings can elevate our mood and outlook on life.

    Here are a few highlights from my own gratitude journal last week:
    Feeling loved and ch...

  • 2024-02-12 Newsletter

    Dear friend,

    Are you ready to embrace more positivity in your life? As we continue our journey through THIS IS MY YEAR, I want to introduce you to a powerful habit: gratitude journaling.

    If you're already familiar with journaling, you know what a game-changer it can be. Personally, I find it no...

  • 2024-02-05 Newsletter

    Dear friend,

    I hope my message finds you well. As we step into February, the month of love, hearts and all things red, I am excited to move forward with “THIS IS MY YEAR”. Let's celebrate this sentiment by embracing our theme for the month: GRATITUDE.

    According to Oxford Languages, gratitude is...

  • 2024-01-29 Newsletter

    Dear friend,

    I hope this message finds you well. Last week marked the beginning of our journey in "THIS IS MY YEAR." We kicked off by encouraging the practice of ME TIME. If you're not accustomed to taking time for yourself, that's okay; forming new habits takes time. Remember, this is your year...

  • 2024-01-22 Newsletter

    Dear friend,

    Happy almost end of January. I've always found January to be a challenging month, just making it through, with its early setting sun, is a feat. All I want to do is curl up on the couch and do nothing. I always feel as though I've dropped the ball by not setting some lofty goals. Bu...